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Gourmet Sliced Meat & Cheese Tray

Perfect for Sandwiches

     Turkey Breast, American Cheese, Hard
     Salami, Provolone Cheese, Gourmet Ham,
     Colby Cheese

     16" Tray (serves 15 - 20) $54
     18" Tray (serves 25 - 30) $69

Cheese & Sausage Tray
Chunk or Sliced

     Hard Salami, Colby Cheese, Summer
     Sausage, Provolone Cheese, Pepperoni,
     Cheddar Cheese

     16" Tray (serves 25 - 30) $58
     18" Tray (serves 35 - 40) $72

Garden Fresh Vegetable Tray
with Homemade Dill Dip

     Carrots, Broccoli, Olives, Celery, Cauliflower,
     Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes

     16" Tray (serves 25 - 30) $56
     18" Tray (serves 30 - 40) $69

Fresh Shrimp Platter
Cocktail Sauce & Lemon Wedges

     65ct Medium Peeled Shrimp $52
     100ct Medium Peeled Shrimp $75

Fresh Sliced Fruit Display

     Watermelon, Honey Dew, Cantaloupe,
     Strawberries, Grapes, Pineapple

     16" Display (serves 25 - 30) $65
     18" Display (serves 35 - 40) $79

Garden & Herb Salad

     Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Cucumbers &
     Garlic Croutons with choice of Dressing

     Attractive Black Bowl (serves 10)


Classic Caesar Salad

     Romaine Lettuce, Grated Parmesan Cheese,
     Bacon & Garlic Croutons with Creamy
     Caesar Dressing

     Attractive Black Bowl (serves 10)


Deli Salads
10 pounds of salad
served in a disposable pan

Italian Pasta Salad

     Tri Color Rotini, Pepperoni, Cheddar,
     Mozzarella, Tomatoes, Red & Green
     Peppers, Black Olives Marinated in an
     Italian Dressing


Cucumber Tomato Pasta Salad

     Penne Pasta, Cucumbers, Carrots,
     Onions, Bell Peppers & Black Olives
     tossed in Italian Catalina Dressing


Three Bean Baked Beans

     Kidney, Baked & Butter Beans
     seasoned with Ground Sirloin,
     Bacon & Sauteed Onion


Dijon Red Potato Salad

     Red Potatoes, Celery, Eggs,
     Mayonnaise, Dijon Mustard &


American Potato Salad

     Diced Potatoes, Celery, Eggs, Red
     Peppers, Onion & Pickle Relish
     blended with a Mustard Salad


Sweet Bow Tie Pasta

     Bow Tie Pasta, Bacon, Cheddar
     Cheese, Carrots, Bell Peppers,
     Celery, Red Wine Vinegar in a
     Sweet Creamy Dressing


Tortellini Romano Salad

     Parmesan, Romano & Provolone
     Stuffed Tortellini with Ripe Tomatoes
     and Black Olives in a Golden
     Italian Dressing


Southwest Pasta Salad

     Mini Penne Pasta, Fresh Vegetables,
     Red Beans & Romano Cheese in a
     Southwest Style Dressing


Fresh Fruit Salad

     The Season' Freshest Fruit


Steakhouse Potato Salad

     Yukon Gold Potatoes, Crisp Bacon,
     Cheddar, Green Onions in a blend of
     Ranch Dressing & Salad Dressing


Meal Options

Oven Roasted Red Potatoes

     Olive Oil & Seasonings, 10 lb pan


Whipped Mash Potatoes or Garlic
Red Skin on Mashed Potatoes

     Blended with Butter, 10 lb pan


Wild Rice & Mushroom Dressing

     Sage Croutons & Butter, 10 lb pan


Seasonal Oven Roasted Vegetables

     Roasted in Olive Oil & Spices,
     10 lb pan


BBQ Pulled Pork

     Shredded Pork in a savory BBQ

$8.69 lb

Slow Roasted Pork Loin

     Sliced center cut in thick Gravy

$8.99 lb

Roast Beef

     Brown Gravy or Italian AuJus

$12.59 lb

Sirloin Tender Tips and Gravy

     Slow cooked in a rich Mushroom

$8.99 lb

Sliced Turkey Breast

     Turkey Breast in savory Gravy

$9.69 lb

Gourmet Pit Ham

     Sliced with a Pineapple Glaze

$7.89 lb

Italian Marinated Baked Chicken

     Baked to a Caramelized Finish

$1.50 pc

Pasta Marina
10 lb pan

     Baked with Mozzarella Chesse $40
     Italian Sausage and Ground Sirloin $49

Italian Sausage

     Homemade Italian Sausage
     with Peppers & Onions

$8.19 lb

Macaroni & Cheese

     A Blend of 3 Cheeses topped with
     Japanese Bread Crumbs 10 lb pan



Meat Balls
BBQ Glazed, Brown Gravy

     90 pieces $42
     150 pieces $65
     200 pieces $79

Chicken Wings
BBQ or Buffalo Style

     45 pieces $48
     90 pieces $83
     130 pieces


Apple Glazed Sausage Bites

     90 pieces $36
     150 pieces $51
     200 pieces $68

Smoked Salmon with Crackers

     Serves 40 - 50


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